A sun-powered trailer for your outdoor photography adventures

When it’s time to follow your dreams and take to the open road, there’s nothing like a solar-powered Vistabule Teardrop trailer to make a home away from home. Its built-in Sunflare solar panels gather energy throughout the day to have a charge ready just in time for the golden hour.

The trailer is designed to be beautiful and energy efficient, blending technology with comfort and economic design. Start with a basic package and add custom features to fit your needs. From storage to stovetop, lamps and laminates, there’s a lot to choose from to perfect your home on wheels.

The cabin is 10 feet long and made to order at the Minnesota factory. It can be towed by vehicles rated for 1,500-pound towing capacity. The basic package is $17,995; the Sunflare rooftop solar system is $875.