6 ways to show the difference

PPA’s See the Difference campaign provides PPA photographers with marketing materials that show consumers the difference using a professional photographer makes. The materials cater to five photography specialties—weddings, families, high school seniors, pets—and certified professional photographers. What’s available:

1. Customizable brochures: These describe in detail the technical skills, artistry, and professionalism clients can expect from a PPA photographer. Photographers can edit the brochures  by downloading the template and inserting their own images and studio information. They can be printed and displayed at studios or local businesses and handed out at expos.

2. Shareable videos: These high-quality clips can be streamed from a photographer’s website, posted on social media pages, or played in a studio. Designed to pull at consumers’ heart strings, the videos feature real clients sharing their personal stories and talking about why it’s so important to hire a professional.

3. Landing pages: Each of these pages, which can be linked to from a website or Facebook page, showcase one of the photography specialties and highlight the benefits of hiring a pro.

4. Logos: Photographers who add a PPA logo to their website show clients they’re serious because they belong to the largest professional association for working photographers. Certified professional photographers can also use the CPP logo. 

5. Consumer tips: FAQs help clients and prospects understand what to look for when evaluating photographers. Downloadable “Tips” or “FAQ” buttons can be added to a website or Facebook page and linked to the See The Difference consumer tips or FAQ page.

6. Side-by-side comparisons: Download templates, insert your own photos, and then make an amateur version of the same images. The comparison should demonstrate the composition, posing, lighting, and retouching that a professional applies. Add the side-by-side images to your website or frame them for use in your studio. You could even run a slideshow on a monitor in your waiting room.

James Yates is a communications specialist at Professional Photographers of America.