5 Ways to position your business for print sales

1. Don’t sell digital images until after clients commit to purchasing a minimum amount of print products.

2. Before and during the photo session, talk to the client about why the images you’re making will be perfect for an album or wall portrait. 

3. Make sure your studio’s atmosphere and space sets a tone that aligns with your pricing.

4. Show what you want to sell. If you want to sell books and albums, have samples set out for clients to touch. Wall portraits and canvases should also be displayed.

5. Display a tangible example of why you think prints matter. For me that’s an 11x14-inch framed image of my mother and grandparents from 1923. It hangs on the wall in our sales room, driving home how important it is to have a family print to touch, see, and treasure. I eagerly explain to clients that no matter the changes in technology and photography, this image will still be tangible in 100 years. It will be there for my great-great-grandchildren to enjoy.

Trish Logan is the owner of Photography By Trish Logan in Norway, Maine.