5 tips for making the most of your ideas

What's your method of recording sudden inspiration? Will you be able to locate a record of your great ideas later? Will you even be able to remember you had them? It's important to have a system for recording your ideas that not only appeals to you but that actually works for you. You may need something multi-tiered, like a notation in a treasured notebook that's also photographed and linked to a reminder on your phone. It's important to not just record your ideas but also to schedule time to think them through, process them, and make decisions on how or if you want to follow through. 

Acknowledge Them

Ideas occur at any time—day, night, in the shower, driving, walking. Recognize your ideas as valid and don’t let them slip away. 

Save Them

Be ready to record your ideas however you can, as soon as you can. It can be a paper notebook, a white board, an app, or a napkin.

Schedule Them

Make an appointment with yourself to go over your ideas. Set a time of day when your mind is fresh and open to new things.

Work Them

Explore your ideas fully, elaborate on them, examine them for potential pitfalls, imagine how to bring them to fruition. Discussing them with a peer brings in additional viewpoints.

Act on Them

Whether you reject an idea or embrace it, recognize that it’s an accomplishment to have given it your full consideration.

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