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3 Steps to Convert Clients to Recurring Business

Converting new customers into returning clients is a key element to your business’s success. A recurring customer base is crucial in creating stable profitability over time. It’s also cheaper to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one.

Doing great work is, obviously, an important ingredient to keeping a client for life but there are lots of professionals out there who do great work. You need to do more than the obvious to stand out. Here are some simple and softer techniques you can do to make sure your past clients call you the next time they need future service.


1. Easy Does It

First impressions are everything. For your clients, their first impression of your brand is the first time they schedule that initial appointment with you. The easier and more professional you make that experience, the more likely they will book again.

At PocketSuite we streamline the onboarding process with tools like automated contracts and forms for customers to fill out upon first booking. We also make it easy for photographers to post their schedule and let clients book them online during blocks of time that they are available. 


2. Make the payment experience hassle-free

Paying for services can be a pretty inconvenient experience for clients. It’s the awkward “How much do I owe you?” then “What kind of payment do you accept” then “Let me grab my wallet / a check / my card.” It’s cumbersome.

First, make sure your clients know upfront what they’re going to be paying when they hire you (or at least a ballpark range). Transparency always makes everyone more comfortable. This also reduces the risk of any type of negotiation or pushback when it actually comes time to pay.

Be accommodating when it’s actually time to pay up. Don’t force your clients to have cash on them or dig up a check. Accept any type of payment, but don’t be afraid to introduce your customers to new payment technologies that can make their lives easier

Payment technology is changing. Look at how Uber has transformed the way clients pay for taxi services. If I didn’t have to open my wallet at the end of each hired job, I’d want to recreate that payment experience as much as possible. At PocketSuite, we let you make credit card payments a seamless part of booking your time.


3. Packages and subscriptions

In many cases, your customer’s needs are not simply “one and done.” Clients hire a variety of “regular” service needs, ranging from once a week to once a month to once a year.  

Keep notes on your clients and reach out when you think they might need service again. Do they have a regular event series with photography needs? How about new seasonal product or brand social media photos for every quarter? Projects like that are perfect for a subscription model. 

For clients that have regular photography needs, it’s great to get them on a subscription or package plan through PocketSuite where you discount your pricing slightly and they pay monthly on a recurring basis for a specific amount of work. That way, you have recurring revenue locked in place that’s automatically credited to your account every month. 


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