3 iPad Apps for In-person Sales

IPads are lightweight, easy to use, and portable: Who wouldn’t like to use one for in-person sales sessions? While there are plenty of full-featured sales platforms you could consider using, here are three iOS-compatible apps worth looking at if you’d rather purchase something outright than pay a recurring subscription fee.

Each one provides a pleasant user experience for clients while making your life a little easier as a studio manager. They all work directly on the iPad, can mirror wirelessly to Apple TV, and can be used via HDMI with an external monitor, TV, or projector. None of them requires an internet connection since images are loaded from your device. Proofshare and Shoot & Sell can even import images from Dropbox and Google Drive.

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This app offers proofing with a minimalistic design. You can add your studio logo to the home screen view. The app features slideshows, a culling system with ratings, easy comparisons of up to six images at a time, and the ability to add order details to each image (size, product, color, and notes). Pricing information is not a part of ProofShare, but you can email a PDF version of a contact sheet with order details, including any notes you created. You can also export a list of image names, separated by commas, and paste that list into Lightroom’s search box to find the ordered files, which saves a lot of time in your workflow. ProofShare and Shoot & Sell are complementary apps by the same designer and can be purchased as a bundle. $34.99 ($94.99 bundled with Shoot & Sell)

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This app is geared toward selling wall art-sized photographs. After setting up your product list (including prices and print sizes), you can use the included stock images of rooms or upload your own photos to display products to scale on the wall. Frames can be added to photographs as well. You can customize the color of furniture and walls in the stock photo rooms to help clients visualize how images will look with their décor. Shoot & Sell has templates of wall grouping layouts that you can easily select to add multiple photos to a view. Each project can be saved so you can return and make adjustments later with your client. Wall groupings can be exported and shared with or without your watermark. $74.99 ($94.99 bundled with ProofShare)

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Both image proofing and wall design creation can be done with this app. You can rate photos and then compare several images to help your client select their favorites. Products can be ordered from the individual image view, and wall layouts comprising multiple images can be created and then emailed to clients or added to an order. Room images are provided, or upload a room photo of your own, where you can place images to scale on a wall. If you’ve added your price list you can place an order and generate an invoice for payment or use integrated card payments right in the app. An especially nice feature: You can lock the admin interface so no one else can access pricing configuration areas. $39.99

Betsy Finn, M.Photog.Cr., is a portrait photographer in Dexter, Michigan.

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