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Do you have a legal question or need legal resources or information? 
Do you need help figuring out where to go for legal assistance? 
PPA may be able to help you, and if we cannot, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

How does PPA help with legal issues and other topics related to the law?

In order to obtain legal advice on any topic, you should consult with a licensed attorney in your state. PPA does not offer legal advice or assistance as a member benefit; however we do offer resources and information on a wide range of legal issues commonly encountered by our members.

The Indemnification Trust
The Trust is a malpractice protection program exclusive to PPA. Through the Trust, eligible PPA members can get assistance with qualifying claims of alleged photographic negligence. For more information on the Trust, visit or access your copy of the PPA Indemnification Trust Agreement Declaration.

The Trust is administered through an outside law firm which only handles issues related to the Trust. PPA does not have attorneys on staff.

There are other resources and information related to laws and regulations available on, but none of these things should be construed to be legal advice. Read on to learn more about these resources or how to find legal assistance outside of PPA.

PPA’s Forms and Contract Resources
Though PPA does not offer legal advice related to your contracts and other legal forms, you do have access to a database of sample contracts, releases, and licensing agreements, along with educational resources to help you create and review these documents. Since laws affecting legal forms and contracts differ from state-to-state, we recommend that you have your legal forms reviewed by a local attorney.

Copyright Protection
Several educational resources related to copyright are available to you as a PPA member. These resources, which can be accessed at, will help you learn more about copyright law, proactively protect your images, and enforce your rights.

A few of our favorite copyright resources are:

Finding Legal Resources Outside of PPA
If legal assistance is what you need, it is essential to consult with a licensed attorney from your state.

To find an attorney in your area who specializes in a specific issue or area of the law, consider contacting your state and/or local bar association. Most local bar associations and some state bar associations offer a lawyer referral service. Also, is a free service which allows users to search for a lawyer based on legal issue and geographic location. While there are specialized issues involved in photography, an attorney who works with small business owners should be able to adequately address most issues that will arise in the course of your business. A significant exception to that is the issue of copyright, which is a specialized area of the law.

Specific Resources for Finding an Intellectual Property Attorney or Legal Service
When you need legal assistance to deal with a copyright issue, a trademark issue, or something closely related, you should work with an attorney, law firm, or legal clinic specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) law. IP law is a very specialized area of the law. For this reason, we recommend that you look for an attorney who has knowledge and experience in the correct area of IP.

Here are some legal services for copyright (and related) issues you may want to check out:

PPA does not directly endorse any of the following services. We make no guarantee that any specific attorney, law firm, or legal clinic will accept your case. Additionally, this is not a comprehensive list.

Liebowitz Law Firm
Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC offers legal assistance, at no upfront cost, for intellectual property needs of creators.  They help creators protect their copyrights and trademarks, and maintain their brand. In addition to serving as legal counsel on infringement cases, Liebowitz law firm assists with copyright and trademark registration and discovery of infringements.

ImageRights International
ImageRights is spearheading the fight against copyright infringement by providing accessible copyright protection and enforcement services.

Our tools and technology have allowed photographers to introduce copyright protection into their daily workflow like never before. We register our clients' images with the US Copyright Office via our integrated US Copyright filing system and our Adobe Lightroom App, search for all usages of their images online, assess potential infringement claims, and pursue cases through our global legal network. There are several pricing structures offered by ImageRights, and you can get started at no cost.

Please contact us at or call 617.505.1572 for more information.

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