Step 2: Learn About the Grassroots Action Plan

PPA has reached a critical point in our effort to advocate for the creation of a copyright small claims process. It has been ten years since PPA CEO, David Trust, introduced Photography Copyright, Copyright for Photographers, Photographic Copyright, Copyrightthis idea during a congressional hearing. And during the past ten years, PPA has spread the word on Capitol Hill of just how important this issue is for professional photographers!

Recently, H.R. 3945 or "CASE" was introduced in the House of Representatives. And we have been working very closely with the co-sponsors of this bill. This is very exciting news and a huge step toward accomplishing our top legislative goal!  But we still have a very long way to go, and we have reached the point where we need your help! We need 100 percent participation from the professional photographic community to get this legislation passed. Every voice counts! We need you to contact your representative now and urge them to support H.R. 3945.

Keep in mind that a bill must go through a lengthy legislative process before becoming law.  If you need a refresher on the legislative process, check out this favorite from Schoolhouse Rock!  There are some key steps that we will need your help with:

  • Soliciting co-sponsors for the bill (this is where we are right now)
  • Asking your representative to vote yes!
  • Asking your senators to vote yes!

Depending on how this process unfolds, there may be an additional step or two where we ask you to speak up. But don't worry – PPA has created a process to make your role as simple as possible. Be sure to sign up for the Grassroots Action Team (step 3) to receive up-to-date news and notifications. Under step 4, you will be able to send a letter or call your Congress person. Don't worry, we have done all the work for you. We have provided sample language and talking points, so that you can quickly send an email or make a phone call! Though this will be quick and easy, you will be helping to make a historic change which will positively affect the livelihood of professional photographers for generations to come!

This is our chance! Don't miss out on this opportunity! Get involved, and spread the word! It is your job to make sure every professional photographer and other small-business creator (graphic designers, authors, illustrators, etc.) you know is aware of this effort! Please urge all of them to support artists' rights and help get H.R. 3945 passed.

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