Member-2-Member Campaign

Get Cash Back & Go To Imaging USA For FREE When Your Friends Join PPA

Many of you have encouraged your friends to join PPA. As a result, we started a program to thank you for doing so! From now on, not only will you be helping your friends Be More, you'll get some cash and prizes too!

Here's how this referral program works: each time someone you refer becomes a PPA member(1), you'll earn $25(2). But wait, there's more...

Earn these great rewards when you refer a fellow photographer to PPA:

   When   You'll get
   1 of your friends joins PPA
a $25 Visa gift card
(each friend also gets a FREE Imaging USA all-access pass)
   3 of your friends join PPA
a $75 Visa gift card
+ a full registration to Imaging USA 2017 for FREE(3)
(each friend also gets a FREE Imaging USA all-access pass)
   6 or more of your friends join PPA
a $150 Visa gift card
+ FREE full registration to Imaging USA 2017
+ one year of FREE PPA membership(4)
(each friend also gets a FREE Imaging USA all-access pass)

This referral program will run through December 31, 2016. So there's a time limit, but guess what? There's no limit to the amount of gift cards you can receive!

There's only one rule: those you recruit must not have been a PPA member within the past year. Simple enough, right?

Ready to take advantage of this killer offer?

It's so easy! Simply share with your photography friends how PPA has helped you (think insurance, educational videos, networking opportunities, copyright guidance, inspiration, etc.). We've even put together materials that might help you talk about PPA with your photography friends.

Just make sure they add your name(5) as a "Referring Member" on the top of this referral application form at and you'll be set!

And remember, when they join, they too will receive a full-registration to Imaging USA... for FREE! This alone could be your key selling point!

We will keep track of your referrals through the end of the year and will send you your Visa gift cards and apply your other prizes to your membership record in January.

Cash to earn and savings to make. That's a win-win! Help us spread the word about PPA and start tallying up your rewards!

  1. As a Professional Active PPA member.
  2. $25 Visa gift card for each new PPA member referred by you.
  3. Imaging USA's full registration, a $179 value.
  4. Professional Active Membership, PPA's fullest membership level, a $323 value.
  5. We will NOT be able to attribute you with the credit you deserve if your name is not put on the application form at the time the application is submitted. It cannot be added at a later date.

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