Why Family Portrait Photographers Join PPA

Why Family Portrait Photographers Join PPA

Membership in PPA offers family portrait photographers the tools for success

With over 140 years of providing members unparalleled protection, education and resources to ensure their continued success in the photographic industry, PPA has become the world’s largest non-profit photography association for professional family photographers. The 30,000 members look to PPA for a strong professional community with unique benefits, and for a full-time copyright and government affairs staff, an advocate for their rights.

Exclusive PPA member benefits:

PPAeduBusiness Education & Services
– In addition to being a great family photographer, you also need to be a sound business person…and that’s where many family portrait photographers lose their way. PPAedu is unique in the photographic association world and provides professional family portrait photographers with business education. Plus, there are also business education workshops and the Financial Benchmark Survey- the only business and financial guideposts specifically built around the needs of family portrait photography business. Learn more here.

Copyright, Copyright for Photographers, Photography Copyright, Copyright Advocacy for PhotographersCopyright & Government Affairs Advocacy
– PPA is the only photographic association with a staff dedicated to being your advocate on Capitol Hill and protecting your family portrait photography copyrights from infringement. Learn more here.

Read about more PPA benefits here.


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