Indemnification Trust (Malpractice Protection)


Indemnification Trust, Photography Association
At some point, every one of us will fall victim to Murphy’s Law — the idea that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

But PPA's here to help. PPA members in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to get a type of malpractice coverage (our Indemnification Trust) in case something goes wrong that is generally considered your responsibility, such as equipment malfunction, an error or unsatisfied clients (like the infamous Bridezilla).

With the Indemnification Trust you:

  • Call PPA’s customer service center (800-786-6277) and report a claim.
  • Set up the claim with the agent, who contacts the law firm of Meadows & Macie, the most experienced attorneys in the world at defending professional photographers.
  • You will be contacted by the attorneys really quickly, usually within a single business day, and they help covered members with their expert advice and guidance.
  • We’ll never raise your rates or drop your coverage because you have to file a claim.

If your problem cannot be resolved without litigation:Join PPA, Photography Association

  • The Trust will appoint and pay for local attorneys to defend you.
  • The Trust will pay any damages awarded to your client.
  • You only pay a small deductible.
  • You will never pay an attorney’s bill.

We hope you never have to use this benefit, but if you do, it can help save your reputation, business, and money. Get even more info on how this benefit works.

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