Life and Retired Memberships

How to become a Life member:

A big thank you from PPA for the lifers! Available to those who have been active members for 10+ consecutive years and have accumulated a total of 95 qualifying years (awarded for each year of membership plus the age of the member), Life Members have all the rights, privileges, benefits, and services as PPA Full members AT NO COST!

Life members may also:

  • Maintain your CPP status by paying the annual fee (and complying with certification policies)
  • Have Additional members listed under your Life Member’s record
  • Receive complimentary registration for Imaging USA every year (non-transferable)

The cost of Life membership is:

  • FREE
  • $25/year Indemnification Trust add-on for photographers who classify themselves as wedding or portrait photographers or any life member wishing to maintain coverage.

Apply to become a Life member:

You don't automatically get upgraded for Life Membership you have to apply for it and be approved by the PPA Board of Directors. So if you're ready, fill out and submit your Life Membership Application today!

Life Membership Application


How to become a Retired member:

This is for photographers who have been Active members of PPA for 20+ years and are now retired but still want to keep their finger on the pulse of our industry.

Please understand that Retired Members cannot:

  • Earn income through photography
  • Own a photographic studio
  • Maintain a website or advertise their photographic services
  • Be covered by the Indemnification Trust
  • Be listed in the Find-a-Photographer database
  • Have Additional Active members listed under their membership record

The cost of Retired membership is $88/year.

If this membership type suits you, become a Retired member today!

Retired Membership Application