Student Membership

Do you have what you need to become a professional photographer?
PPA Student Members do!

Backed by PPA you will transition from photography student to profitable pro – seamlessly! Plus, as a benefit and a welcome to the PPA family, you will get for FREE:

  • YOUR 3-DAY ALL-ACCESS TO THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHY CONFERENCE & TRADESHOW, FREE! You'll network with established photographers, get hands-on with the hottest new products, and soak up the world's best photographic education, including business AND a giant image exhibit!
  • A SOLID PROFESSIONAL NETWORK. You'll just need to access your student-only PPA online community, on theLoop, FREE!
  • 24/7 LEARNING PLATFORM SO YOU NEVER STOP GROWING YOUR SKILLS with videos on business and photography technique in your PPAedu's Student track. You'll even be able to start earning merits toward a PPA degree! You guessed it… all FREE!
  • FIND MONTHLY INSPIRATION in Professional Photographer magazine. You'll get the digital edition of this photography-world icon and award-winning publication filled with interviews, industry knowledge and career advice that you now will get… yes, for FREE!

In addition to all these freebies, your PPA Student Membership gives you LOTS of discounts for software, equipment and… SO.MUCH.MORE. You could even SERVE AS A STUDENT VOLUNTEER! Not only will you access all the educational and networking benefits that Imaging USA has to offer, but you'll also get your room and board paid for, and receive meal vouchers to help with some of those additional travel costs!

If you're serious about photography, consider joining PPA. It is your best next step.

          only $79/year!

If you're not sure if the Student membership is right for you, compare below:

Ready to become a Student Member of PPA? It's only $79/year for a a student membership!