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PPA’s mission is to create a vibrant community of successful professional photographers. Of course, we provide education, resources and industry standards of excellence for PPA members; however, we believe that business knowledge is key to the industry’s success overall, so you’ll find lots of freebies for all photographers here too!


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Live Webinars - FREE!

PPA Webinars are scheduled, short format, live events. They are led by some of the best professional photographers in the business and are designed to keep your skills sharpened. Check out the upcoming webinars and bookmark the page to find them easily!  

New Video Tutorials, Each Month - FREE! 

Free VideosIt’s no secret that PPA has a massive library of educational and training videos for members and non-members alike. But you can watch for FREE or share one of them every single month! Check out this month’s Free Video of the Month!    

The Copyright Starter Kit - FREE!

As a photographer, your images are everything. Learn how to protect them with this free copyright kit. This FREE copyright kit shows you ways to protect and guard your images. It will also show you the steps you need to take if an image of yours is stolen. Just provide us with some basic information and it’s all yours!  

Useful Model-Release White Paper - FREE!PPA Model Release

Have questions about when to use a model release? The best answer is: always! But, sometimes it’s more complicated than that. This white paper can help you learn more about laws in your state.

Download White Paper

Weekly Newsletter for Professional Photographers - FREE!

Change happens all the time in our industry and it happens fast. To help you keep up with what’s coming and going in the world of professional photography, PPA has a FREE newsletter called PPA Today with all- industry updates, tricks of the trade, tips and more. There’s no reason not to take advantage of this free resource! Sign up for PPA Today!


A 3-Day Expo Pass for Imaging USA - FREE!

The Imaging USA Expo is a 3-day, business-boosting smorgasbord for your art and career! You’ll engage face-to-face with hundreds of service providers and product distributors. You’ll see product demos. You’ll find ideas for managing your business in innovative ways and, best of all, you’ll find one of the largest international photography exhibits in North America, where you can gather inspiration and ideas for your own photography. Don’t miss a second, get your free Expo Pass!  

Drone Knowledge Center - FREE!

Drones are becoming more and more an integral part of the businesses of many professional photographers. However, there are a good many rules and regulations governing the commercial use of drones.

PPA gives photographers like you (and for FREE!) lots of updates, tips, and resources to get you ready before you take to the skies. Visit the Drone Knowledge Center now.

Quizzes & Contests

FREE Copyright Knowledge Test   

You can only defend YOUR copyright if you know the rules. PPA has a fun quiz you can take to see how much you really know about copyright rules! Test your knowledge here to see how much you know about the copyright laws that affect you every day!   

FREE Small-Claims Resources 

Join the Fight for Artists’ Rights! Understand the importance of adding small-claims enforcement to copyright law and sign up to help now. PPA has been advocating for this for the past ten years because it will solve a huge injustice and inequity in the U.S. copyright law system! Get updates as more members of Congress sign on and make this a reality. Add your name and show your support here!   



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