Faces of PPA: Sonya Tanae Fort

Sonya Tanae Fort

PPA Member Since 2018

Studio: S. Tanae Designs and Photography

"As a self-taught photographer, PPA has been instrumental in my growth and development both technically and from a business standpoint. The training and tools that PPA provides have proven to be invaluable. PPA has helped me take better photos, provide a better experience for my clients, and has taught me how to protect myself, my work, and my business.  The highlight of my career thus far is having one of my fine art portraits accepted for an exhibition in Athens, Greece. Having your work recognized internationally is an artist of any medium's dream come true. I intend to focus more on fine art photography this year. My hope is that within the next five years I will be well-established in the fine art realm both domestically and internationally."

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