Interested In Teaching A PPA Photography Workshop?

As a professional photographer, you've learned, grown, and assembled some pretty great tips and techniques along your career that have made you the successful photographer you are today. Some of the greatest resources you may have had throughout your journey were friends, colleagues and mentors who helped shape your experience as a photographer.

So why not share and invest that wisdom by volunteering to instruct a workshop through the Professional Photographers of America?

Consider Becoming a Photo Workshop Instructor!

Peer-to-peer education is an invaluable resource, especially in photography! Not only does it help other photographers grow, but it offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to expand everyone's professional network. And that's where you come in.

To qualify to become a PPA Photography Workshop instructor, you must be a member of PPA. As a flourishing working professional photographer, you have the knowledge to help others perfect their craft and their business while also earning merits toward your degree!

Instructing a Course

Once your workshop application is approved, your workshop information will be published on PPA's website for attendees to browse through and select, however please note that the PPA Photography Workshop is a peer-to-peer educational opportunity. As a result, the course you apply to teach must come from YOU! The title, the description, the subject matter, and the date will all come from your resources. Care should be given when creating your class content. While your class is not endorsed by PPA, a PPA Photography Workshop is promoted by PPA and should offer attendees a good quality education and experience. 

With that in mind, here are some things you should keep in mind when volunteering to teach a PPA Photography Workshop:

  • As a PPA Photography Workshop instructor, it is your responsibility to fill your class. PPA will provide you with promotional materials to help you draw attendees and will use our social media platform to help elevate PPA Photography Workshops, however with more than 200 concurrent classes, PPA cannot uphold the duty of recruitment for each individual workshop.
  • Once your class and date are approved and registration has begun, we ask that you commit to that time/date- rescheduling a class affects numerous parties involved.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your class once registration has begun, your class will be removed and postponed until the next round of PPA Photography Workshops.
  • Instructors interested in teaching a course on drones must have an FAA certification.
  • All attendees are asked to review workshop instructors and classes when the class is completed. If more than 50% of a class's reviews are negative, that instructor will be suspended from teaching a PPA Photography Workshop for the next semester.
  • An instructor is allowed to teach a maximum of two workshops per semester.
  • Instructors who have earned their Masters and/or Craftsman degrees and/or CPP certification are entitled to payment after the seventh paid attendee. Instructors are paid $50 for each paid attendee starting with the eighth attendee. If there are two instructors co-teaching the workshop, that sum will be divided between the two instructors.

The PPA Photography Workshop is a great opportunity, not only to share your wealth of knowledge, but to earn merits, make connections, and plug into PPA while doing so. We can all trace where we are today back to someone who took the time to invest in us. Join in on the fun and give back- there's a world of photographers ready to learn what you know!

PPA Photography Workshop Instructor Form

Register to teach a workshop in your area! Applications for the Spring 2020 will be accepted now through February 17, 2020.

This application is for the Spring PPA Photography Workshop event scheduled for May 4-18, 2020. By filling out this form, you agree to conduct your session between these dates and understand that as an instructor you must input only accurate information to your class with limited access to changes later on.

Any submission that is incomplete will not be accepted for consideration, and applicants will be asked to reapply should they wish to make changes to their program.

This form has 3 parts. The first part is for the primary instructor's information. You may add info for a second instructor on part 2 (if applicable), and the third part is for the program details.

All proceeds from PPA Photography Workshop registrations help support the educational programs at PPA (remember, PPA is a nonprofit, so these are funds we can use!). And while the instructors who teach these photography workshops are volunteers, PPA gives a little nudge to instructors who have already earned either a Master or Craftsman degree, or their Certification with PPA, as those will receive $50 for each paid attendee starting from the eighth student in their class! If you are co-teaching a class, then each instructor will receive 50% of that, i.e. $25 for each paid attendee, starting from the 8th one.