Photographic Competitions – What Are the Benefits?

You’ve got the talent. You’re good at what you do! So why compete and officially earn that validation? That, and a guaranteed way to push you to do better, is thousands of photographers enter the professional photographic competitions each year and PPA’s International Photographic Competition (IPC) in particular!

Photographic competitions can be intimidating - see how these professional photographers overcame their fears, entered into competitions, and changed their craft for the better!

The International Photographic Competition (IPC) sees photographers from all over the world entering into fierce competition. Why? Because they want a chance at saying that they went head-to-head with their peers from all over the globe and had what it took to rank above them all.

But the challenge doesn’t just start there…District Competitions take place in the winter and spring every year and are the perfect way to begin your IPC journey. You’ll get the additional chance to learn more about what makes for a winning image, order a critique to get feedback as you prepare for IPC and watch the judging online or in person. Everyone has their own, regional district to compete in, so find out more about what it takes to enter Districts and IPC.

Of course, you’ve got what it takes! Right?

The IPC is intense. So intense, in fact, that it involves two rounds of judging. Make it through and you’ve got bragging rights, creative fuel and value to add to your name!

During these rounds of judging, not only will your images have the opportunity to earn merits toward your PPA Degree but your work can even land in the PPA Loan Collection. Plus, images that earn a Seal of Approval at the district level are also considered for the Loan Collection, published in the annual Loan Collection book and exhibited at Imaging USA. These kinds of bragging rights can impress your peers, but they will also make a significant impact on how your clients value your talent!

What might make participating in photographic competition even more worthwhile is the progress you will make. If you learn from the critiques and the judging process, you will improve ineluctably and you’ll even instinctively start looking for what makes a Merit image. Entering in image competitions only makes you a stronger photographer.

Oh and one last note: competition fuels your progress and creativity so much that this feeling of strength you’ll get tends to become…addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

On top of opportunities like seeing your work featured in the Loan Collection and on display at Imaging USA, IPC is also a great way to work towards earning an official photographic degree. PPA degrees are recognized throughout the world and by taking part in IPC you can earn merits to go toward earning one of two prized PPA degrees: Master of Photography (M.Photog.) or a Master Artist (M.Artist)!

Sound like something you’re up for? Then learn more about the IPC today!