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As a small business owner, you’re crazy busy and your time is both limited and valuable. For a quick dose of entrepreneurial inspiration and advice, check our Facebook Live every other Wednesday at 2pm ET.

These 30-minute segments will help you address topics such as:

  • How to overcome business fears
  • What has changed in the industry
  • Who your clients are and what they need
  • How to attract the right clients
  • What it takes to conquer in-person sales


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Friday, September 18, 2020 • 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET

In It Together: Becoming Everyone’s First Choice

The fastest way to grow your business is to ensure you get your potential clients' "first look." How do you stand out from the crowd in a flock of thousands of photographers? Join Angela and Brant for a powerful discussion on showcasing what makes you unique by leading with your Black Sheep Values.

Bio: Brant Menswar was recently selected as one of the country’s “Top 10 Motivational Speakers,” a critically acclaimed author, award-winning musician, podcast host, and the CEO and founder of Rock Star Impact, a boutique agency that teaches people and organizations how to cultivate values-based leadership. His innovative work has changed what’s possible for industry-leading organizations like Netflix, Verizon, SunTrust, Microsoft, ESPN, Hilton, Sony Pictures, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and dozens more. Passionate, engaging and transformational, Brant encourages audiences to discover their “Black Sheep Values” and move forward with deliberate intention. His interactive and entertaining techniques of defining what matters most compels audiences to dive deeper into their lives and start living on purpose.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020 • 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET

PR to Profit! Gain Exposure & Build Buzz

Do you ever wonder how businesses (maybe, your competition?!) get on TV, radio, print... even national shows? In this presentation, DIY PR Strategist, Christina Daves, will show you the three BIG mistakes you're making right now that keep you from getting noticed by the media! Find out how to FIX these and start making money—with FREE PUBLICITY today!
  • Make Your Business Newsworthy
  • Create Great Hooks
  • Stand out from the Crowd
  • Expose Your Business to Potentially Millions of New Customers

Bio: Christina Daves is a repeatedly successful entrepreneur, award-winning inventor, best-selling author, and infectiously energetic speaker. She has sought out opportunities in event planning, land development, retail, and fashion and pursued them with the work ethic that makes her an inspiration. As many business owners know, starting out small leaves little money for marketing. With a fledgling business and a running clock, Christina developed the PR skills in under one year to launch herself and her company into national recognition. Through her two best selling books, The DIY Guide to FREE Publicity and PR For Anyone, and her constant speaking appearances, Christina aids owners and employees to take the small steps required to see success and seize it.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020 • 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET

Reducing the Stress of Content Creation

With so much content to create and so many social channels to program, marketing your business can sometime feel like a burden. Content expert Melanie Deziel will share some tips for creating more content in less time to help plan your marketing ahead and reduce stress.

Bio: Melanie Deziel is a keynote speaker, author, award-winning branded content creator, and lifelong storyteller, on a mission to share the power of compelling and credible content with others. Melanie is the author of “The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas”. She is the Chief Content Officer of StoryFuel, which teaches marketers, publishers, creators and companies of all sizes how to tell better brand stories.

Prior to founding StoryFuel, Melanie was the first editor of branded content at The New York Times, a founding member of HuffPost’s brand storytelling team, and served as Director of Creative Strategy for Time Inc.

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