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Wednesday, June 3, 2020 • 2:00pm - 2:30pm ET

The Power of Hello®

In this day of technology, over-booked schedules, and multi-tasking, we too often forget the basic common courtesies of human interaction that lead to an exceptional customer service experience.
In customer facing roles, many employees pre-judge customers or avoid saying “hello” because they don’t want to be “disrupted.”
How do you inspire your people team to remove their blinders and embrace that first encounter with your customer in a new way? Jacqueline JasionowskiI hasve your answer: The Power of Hello®.
This concept encourages humans as a collective to examine who they are and how they want to be perceived. When encouraged to think differently, a transformational mindset shift occurs towards reengaging their personal and professional relationships.  The Power of Hello® inspires everyone to breathe life back into simple acts of kindness.

Bio: Jacqueline Jasionowski has 20 years of HR, Training, Customer Experience, and Leadership Coaching with BMW Group and as the fFounder of Shift Awake Group, where she’s consulted for JD Power and worked with clients such as BMW, MINI, Porsche, Ford, Lincoln, Verizon and more. Jacqueline has a passion for putting together the pieces of the “people puzzle” to help companies remove friction and create engaging employee and customer experiences.

Jacqueline Jasionowski brings creativity, passion, and enthusiasm into every day as she continues her 19+ year career in leadership coaching, training, and speaking. Jacqueline believes in flipping the way most organizations view the human experience and challenges leaders to focus on employee well-being first by raising cultural consciousness.

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