PPA Events / Photo Competitions / Jurors Workshop

Get an inside look at photographic competitions and learn what goes into the judging process. This workshop is for PPA members who want to improve their work, as well as Master Photographers who want to become a PPA Juror. By the end, you'll not only be able to spot a merit-worthy image, but you'll be that much closer to creating one yourself.

By attending, PPA members receive 2 service merits. Master Photographers who attend also fulfill one of the requirements of becoming a juror. 


What is a PPA Juror?

A PPA Juror is a Master Photographer who evaluates and provides feedback on images submitted to District Competitions and the International Photographic Competition. These dedicated members are a vital part of our organization, and we encourage photographers to complete the requirements and get involved! 


Requirements to Become a PPA Juror

  1. Hold a Master of Photography Degree 
  2. Have at least 25 Exhibition Merits and be a CPP
  3. Take the Jurors Workshop
  4. Take the In-Person Practical Evaluation (IPE).  The IPE will consist of a mock print competition to be led by the Juror Election Committee (JEC). Before taking the IPE, applicants must complete the following:
    • Complete and send in an application to become a PPA Approved Juror
    • Complete 4 image critiques for review by JEC
    • Write a personal essay about why you are qualified to be a PPA Juror

Applicants will be evaluated on the following skills: Image Evaluation, Timeliness of Scoring, Challenging, Justifying position, Communication Skills, Flexibility, and Knowledge of IPC Rules and Procedures.

Please note you must apply to become a juror within four years of taking the Judges Workshop.