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Learn How to Become an IPC Judge

You might have taken part in IPC and seen what an award-winning image looks like. But have you ever wondered what a IPC judge looks for prior to placing a gold corner on an image?

If you can’t stand it and want to stop wondering, consider taking the IPC Judges Workshops!

Please note: This class will fulfill one of the requirements to become a PPA Approved Juror. If you wish this class to count towards your judging requirements you must have your PPA Master of Photography degree prior to attending the class.

Behind the Curtain of IPC Judging

Held every year at the same time and place as the judging of the International Photographic Competition, the Judges’ Workshop takes the mystery out of the competition and soaks you in the judging process! You’ll learn what makes a merit-worthy image, and you’ll observe the judging process and strict protocol. You’ll even get hands-on experience by mock-judging images! It’s the best way to learn tons for your own image-making AND puts you on the path to become an official judge!

By the time the workshop is over, you’ll have a good handle on the entire process, how to spot a merit-worthy image–and you’ll be better equipped to produce high-scoring images as well!

Benefits Beyond Experience

You will get a much firmer grasp on what goes into photographic competition by attending the IPC Judges’ Workshop. On top of that, you being part of the workshop will also fulfill one of the requirements for becoming a PPA-Approved Juror.

A PPA-Approved Juror is a Master Photographer who has completed the required training set out by the Juror Excellence Committee, including attending the Judges Workshop Class as a Master Photographer, have at least 25 print merits, be a CPP,  judge at 4 PPA-approved judging sites and receiving at least 5 reviews from other PPA Approved Jurors at those events. Once they have completed the judging and review process, a Juror in Training will submit an application along with a portfolio of their work to be reviewed by the committee. In addition to the application and images, they must submit 4 video critiques of images preselected by the committee. If all of these requirements meet the level of excellence set by the Juror Excellence Committee an applicant may be approved. All PPA jurors, once on the list, are reviewed by the committee on a regular basis. There are 3 types of jurors on the list: Photographic Open, Wedding Specialist and Artist Specialist.

Last but not least, all PPA members who attend the IPC Judges Workshop will receive 2 service merits! These are good towards your PPA degrees! And if you are a member who’s a fan of IPC and have already earned their Master of Photography Degree, you will receive a credit from the Photographic Exhibition Committee (PEC) for attending!

Rich Newell