SEO Series Part 4: SEO & Social for Photographers, A Match Made in Heaven

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    Brett Snyder

    "Content" on the web used to simply mean words on the page. In 2013 and beyond, web content has evolved to refer to any written communication on your website that speaks on behalf of your brand. Web content must be engaging, must serve the needs of your audience, and must accurately reflect the brand voice.

    Two types of content we're talking about here: Fresh content (i.e. – blogging) and static content (i.e. – traditional website content)

    Traditional website content best practices:

    • Consistent and consolidated
    • Use the right keywords
    • Google Insights
    • AdWords KW Planner
    • UberSuggest
    • WordStream
    • Long enough to tell your story, not too long that you're not saying anything new
    • Build a Keyword Map
    • SEs understand semantic language; learn to use this to your advantage

    Blogging best practices

    • Blogging for bloggings-sake is not only a waste of time and energy, it’s hurting your business
    • Opportunity costs
    • Setting unrealistic expectations
    • Broaden the scope of the conversation
    • Target complementary audiences
    • Timely, agile creation of content
    • Link out! (can give examples of where I've linked out and its been the catalyst to conversation with the person I link to)

    How do I know what to blog about?

    • Quora
    • Yahoo! Answers
    • Poaching outdated content

    Authorship Markup

    • What is it?
    • How do you set it up?
    • Why doesn't it always show?

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      • Brett Snyder

        Brett Snyder is the Director of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at Nebo, a web design and interactive marketing agency in West Midtown, Atlanta. Brett began his digital marketing career working with SPEEDO USA during the Summer Olympics and has been in love with the world of SEO ever since. As the Director of SEO at Nebo, Brett is responsible for the strategic planning, development, and implementation of search engine optimization campaigns. Over the course of his career, Brett has worked with all manners of businesses from large B2B brands to local Mom & Pop ecommerce shops to help them leverage the incredible opportunity that search engines have provided to connect businesses with their target audience.

        You can connect with him on Twitter (@BrettASnyder), LinkedIn, or Google+

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