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If there is one thing Deanna Duncan has learned it is how to go the distance. A former Educator and Executive Director of a non-profit, Deanna found herself "thrown into" the task of building a photography business when her husband Cris Duncan, M. Photog.Cr. CPP, announced they were opening a studio in Lubbock, TX. Starting with booths at local craft fairs, this couple quickly grew their business to one of the largest and most profitable in the area offering high-end commercial, portrait and wedding photography. Then came the hard part…learning to sustain a high level of business--going the distance. With a lot of laughter and insight into personalities, Deanna Duncan,Cr. Photog., styles each portrait session in a way to optimize sales.

First a wife and a mom, Deanna finds great joy in in creating installations for client homes which features that family's love for all to see. When not in the studio, Deanna, an avid marathoner, can usually be found running on some lonely road sporting a sweatband emblazoned with, "living the dream."  

Cris and Deanna Duncan have been platform speakers at Imaging USA, published in Professional Photographer's magazine and can be found teaching at schools and conventions across North America.  They also host "Find your Focus" photographic expeditions. 

Deanna's Courses

  • Selling to Different Personality Types

    Instructors: Deanna Duncan
    Video: Examining people is like watching snowflakes – no two are exactly alike! Any salesperson will say that you can categorize most people into a few groups; the good salesperson actually knows which category! In this class, you’ll study 4 main personality types and discover effective ways to sell to each. Listen and learn as Instructor Deanna Duncan separates people into her main groups – Directors, Relators, Socializers and Thinkers - and discusses attributes that are important to each group.
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