Prem Mukherjee

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Prem Mukherjee and his wife Cheridy run Arising Images which is a home-based wedding and portrait photography studio in suburban Detroit. Prem defines himself as a Christian, a husband, a father, and then a business owner although he admits that keeping things in the right priority order can often be difficult.  Prem has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Michigan and spent 10 years in corporate America before quitting to run his photography business.

When it comes to business, Prem is ALL business.  Prem puts the business aspect of photography before the art which is what has helped propel Arising Images to be a highly profitable and successful studio.

Prem is the president of Africa Christian Ministries U.S. Board of Directors, which is a children's ministry in rural south Africa.   Prem says “Money provides the means to take care of my family and to take care of others who were not fortunate enough to be born into the opportunities that we have been blessed with.  The more money we can make from our business, the more opportunities my family has to make a difference in the lives of people both locally and globally.  I don't care about a fancy car and nice clothes.  Although we make good money, I am happy to shop at Walmart, wear $5 jeans, and eat at taco bell because the extra money can go towards bringing food and clean drinking water to those that otherwise might not have it."

Prem's Courses

  • Lightroom: Processing RAW Files

    Instructors: Prem Mukherjee
    Video: Rather than tackling it all at once, Prem approaches Lightroom based on the types of images you’re working with. Watch as he shows you the tools and tricks as he discusses weddings, portraits and landscapes. Prem demonstrates the adjustments, cropping and other enhancements in a step-by-step fashion so you understand not just the “How” but the “Why!”
  • Post-Wedding Production Workflow

    Instructors: Prem Mukherjee
    Video: Post-production is all about having a plan and Prem outlines every detail and aspect of his so that you can develop one that works for your studio. A systematic and organized approach ensures a) everything that needs to get done actually gets done and b) you deliver high quality and consistent client satisfaction. Learn the checklists, processes and systems involved to get from shoot to images to client delivery – expertly and efficiently.
  • Pre-Wedding Workflow

    Instructors: Prem Mukherjee
    Video: Workflow is not exciting or sexy. But in this online course, PPA Instructor and workflow guru, Prem Mukherjee, shows you how systematic workflow can be your best friend to help you run the most successful business you can. In an information-packed class, Prem will walk you through the workflow processes that ensure consistent, high-quality products and customer service each and every time.
  • RAW or JPG: Which Should I Choose?

    Instructors: Prem Mukherjee
    Video: So, RAW files versus JPEG – what’s better and why? In this class, Instructor Prem Mukherjee walks you through the differences in the two file types and what to use when. Filmed outside in Atlanta’s Centennial Park, Prem teaches you about white balance on a JPEG image to shadows in a RAW...and everything in between.
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