Maria Matthews

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Copyright & Government Affairs Manager, PPA

Maria Matthews is PPA’s Copyright & Government Affairs Manager.  She assists members on a daily basis with copyright and contract questions and helps members take advantage of PPA’s Indemnification Trust Program.  In addition to her work with members she keeps a watchful eye on Capitol Hill to ensure photographers’ voices are heard when key issues come up for debate.

Maria's Courses

  • Contract Essentials: Cover Your Bases

    Instructors: Maria Matthews
    Video: Long gone are the days when you did business with a nod and a firm handshake – in today’s environment, if it’s not in the contract, it doesn’t exist. So before you snap that first photo, you want signed paperwork in hand. But you’re an artist, not a lawyer! Never fear -- after this “Contract Essentials” class, you’ll know the ins and outs of creating and executing an effective contract so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Ins & Outs of Copyright Law

    Instructors: Maria Matthews
    Video: When you first learned photography, you probably didn’t talk much about copyrights or any other legal mumbo-jumbo. But you’re a professional now, and copyrights are an important aspect of your business! So if you’re not a lawyer and you don’t even play one on TV, what exactly do you need to know? Copyright specialist Maria Matthews walks you through copyrights and what they mean to you.
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