Jamie Hayes

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M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API

It all began for Jamie at the age of 13.  He never imagined that saving S&H Green Stamps would lead him to purchase a Kodak 110 camera and this would define his life’s path forever.  That camera with its’ fancy new flash cube extender would lead him on an incredible journey into professional photography.  Jamie photographed his very first wedding at the age of 15.  He had to get a ride from a family member but did not want his bride to know, so he had his uncle park down the block and walked the remaining two blocks to the church.  Twenty five years, two former employers, hundreds of weddings and thousands of sessions later, Jamie and his business partner Mary Fisk-Taylor have created one of the most creative and lucrative home based studios in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Jamie considers himself very lucky, most people consider him to be extremely talented.  He was blessed with a fine eye for detail, an imagination bigger than life and an ability to create images that have been named some of the best in the country.  His name is constantly at the top of the list for highly accomplished professional photographers but the real reward is the smiles and tears that he consistently brings to his client’s faces when he delivers their beautiful portraiture.  Jamie gives credit to all of the wonderful friends and mentors that have encouraged and taught him along the way.  He truly believes that becoming a member of PPA so many years ago was the beginning of his photography education and brought him to the point where he is today.  Jamie’s appreciation for the education led him to the PPA Business Instructor program back in 1999.  Ever since then Jamie and his business partner Mary have been lecturing across the country at many National and Regional conventions as well as week long schools.  

Receiving his Craftsman degree in 1998 and his Masters’ in 1999 Jamie has enjoyed many awards for his work including the Kodak Grand Gallery Elite,  Kodak Gallery Awards,  Fuji Masterpiece Awards as well as many entries into the PPA Traveling Loan and General Collections, three time Virginia Photographer of the Year and numerous Best in Show awards.  In 2002 he received a perfect score of 100 at SEPPA regional competition and had all four entries, 2 wedding albums and 2 prints, one of which was only a few of the newly accepted team coverage wedding albums, accepted into the PPA Loan Collection.

Jamie's Courses

  • CPP: Broad Lighting

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Jamie Hayes shows you how to achieve the perfect shot for broad lighting with a 3:1 ratio using proper lens selection and perspective. Whether you’re getting ready for your CPP Image Submission, or you’re working with a client for their headshots, you’ll be glad you watched this video!
  • CPP: Building your CPP Image Submission Portfolio, Tips and Suggestions

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    When creating your CPP portfolio you will want to showcase your client work to highlight your skills and techniques you have learned from completing your CPP test. Listen to Jamie Hayes describe how to do this and impress the CPP judging panel!
  • CPP: Lighting Patterns

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Understanding light is critical for all professional photographers. Listen and watch as Jamie Hayes takes you through the main lighting patterns essential for practicing professional and earning your CPP!
  • CPP: Lighting Ratios Part One

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Being able to demonstrate a 3:1 lighting ratio is essential in order to pass the CPP Image Submission. In this video, Jamie Hayes will talk you through how to set up that perfect ratio!
  • CPP: Lighting Ratios Part Two (3:1 Ratio)

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Build on your working knowledge of lighting ratio’s as Jamie Hayes uses a model to demonstrate achieving that perfect 3:1 Ratio.
  • CPP: Selective Focus with Minimal Depth of Field

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Crack the third required compulsory for CPP Image Submission with Jamie Hayes as he discusses Selective Focus. This video will go over: - Factors that impact selective focus - Demonstrating selective focus
  • CPP: Short Lighting

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    You’ve got a great looking model, solid equipment, and a nice studio space. You’re almost ready to start taking photographs for your CPP Portfolio. Now you need to nail those compulsories! Jamie Hayes will show you exactly how to set up your equipment and model to achieve the perfect short lighting with a 3:1 ratio.
  • CPP: The CPP Image Submission process and Sample Images!

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Watch as Jamie Hayes takes you through the CPP Image Submission process and reviews some real candidate images submitted for Certification. Jamie will discuss what makes these images work for the required and elective compulsory sections of your portfolio.
  • CPP:Introduction to Certification

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Listen to Jamie Hayes briefly discuss the Certified Professional Photographer process. From declaring your candidacy, taking the exam and submitting your images!
  • Environmental Lighting: The Basics

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Video: Shooting outdoors using natural light can be challenging—clouds, too much sun or a strong wind, and your moment is gone. In this class, PPA instructor Jamie Hayes gives you the fundamentals you need to successfully use natural light and make the most of your outdoor opportunities.
  • Indoor Lighting: Balancing Ambient and Flash

    Instructors: Jamie Hayes
    Video: Join Jamie Hayes as he shows you how to handle all sorts of indoor lighting with flair to create a great image. Jamie’s detailed class discusses mixed lighting, identifying the various sources and choosing your main light. When the class is over, you’ll feel confident mixing those lights indoors…an asset if you want professional results!
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