About PPAedu



Meet PPA's newest member benefit: PPAedu.

  • It's your personalized, online education platform.
  • A full buffet of resources suited to your current business needs.
  • Each program is clearly outlined with key takeaways
  • 250+ HD videos available 24/7
  • And more will be added each month!

By answering a series of questions that focus on you and your studio, you'll get a truly personalized program for you to use whenever/wherever you want. PPAedu will help you hone your craft (4 creative categories of technical courses) and strengthen your business immediately (4 types of business courses).

That's right! PPAedu puts a personalized education program (a $600/year value!) at members' fingertips, 24/7, at no extra cost for all PPA Professional Active members. 

Need we say more? Go ahead, dive in! You can start building your personalized program by taking the assessment, or you can begin watching and browsing online courses by topic or instructor and take the assessment later.

Not a PPA Member?

No problem! There’s three-month subscription to access all the PPAedu programming. A one-time fee of $150 puts all of PPAedu's online courses at the tip of your fingers! Interested? Read on...

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