PPA Webinar :: Great Portrait Sales: Planting, Cultivating, and Harvesting

Great Portrait Sales: Planting, Cultivating, and Harvesting

With Julia Woods

All of us want large sales orders, but we don't realize how we get in the way of the money we want.

This webinar focuses on the benefits in spreading out our clients buying decisions so we do not overwhelm them. Listen and learn to create a simplified strategy for shooting, editing, and selling.

About Julia:

Julia WoodsJulia knows all about working with others. She and her husband Jeff work together to produce a unique perspective that showcases their clients hearts and minds with contemporary urban imagery. They have developed and implemented acclaimed marketing strategies and conducted private workshops about all aspects of studio management, marketing and creative inspiration. An official spokesperson for Canon USA, Explorer's of Light, Julia has been honored for her work by numerous associations and has been featured in several trade magazines and technical books. And she knows that it's your customer service and sales skills that let you continue a career you love.

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