Be a Super 1 Day Instructor

Volunteer to be a Super 1 Day Instructor

Volunteer to share your knowledge at one of PPA's unique, peer-to-peer educational initiatives.

Any instructor who has interest in applying to teach a course on drones for Super 1 Day must have an FAA certification.

An instructor is allowed to teach a maximum of two Super 1 Day programs with pre-approval from PPA.

Instructors who have earned their Masters and/or Craftsman degrees and/or CPP certification are entitled to payment after the seventh paid attendee. Instructors are paid $50 for each paid attendee starting with the eighth attendee. If there are two instructors co-teaching the Super 1 Day class, that sum will be divided between the two instructors.

Please take care when submitting your class title, description and date. Once your class and date are approved, changes cannot be made to either. If you need to cancel your class, you can submit your request to teach the next round of Super 1 Day classes.  

When submitting your application, please make note that all instructor's applications must have a minimum of 5 full sentences for the course description, in addition to the correct date and location, for their Super 1 Day course application to be approved. Any applicant's submission with incomplete data will be asked to review and re-submit.

Care should be given when creating your class content. While your class is not endorsed by PPA, a Super 1 Day class is promoted by PPA and should offer attendees a good quality education and experience. Please note, attendees are asked to review Super 1 Day instructors/classes. If more than 50% of a class reviews are negative, that instructor will be suspended from teaching a Super 1 Day class for the next cycle.

Super 1 Day is a great way to encourage peer-to-peer education. PPA supports this by promoting Super 1 Day classes on the PPA website and in social media; it is the responsibility of the instructor to promote their class in their community. PPA provides promotional materials to help an instructor with this. Again, it is not PPA’s responsibility to fill a class; that responsibility lies with the instructor.

Spring Application Submission Dates: The Super 1 Day Spring Application has been extended to January 30th at 5pm EST.

Fall Application Submission Dates: Approximately May - End of June

Proceeds from Super①Day support PPA's non-profit educational programs.

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