Success Stories

Here's what photographers who work with the PPA Business Consulting (formerly SMS) team on an ongoing basis have to say:

Emily EngelhardtEmily J. Engelhardt - Emily Jane Photography

"Since starting with PPA's Business Consulting, I've already come to realize the long list of benefits the program has to offer. I used to be a photographer who knew nothing about running a business, but now with their help, I feel so much more at ease and in control of my business. I love the peace of mind that safety net gives me." 

Meghan PoortMeghan Poort, CPP - Portraits by Meghan Poort

"My goal was to learn my numbers, and PPA Business Consulting helped me do just that. I will always know what is going on with my business from here on out. Now, I don't have to guess if I can afford a new backdrop or hire a new employee. The numbers tell me. It is so comforting to have a game plan and to really understand how my business works. For the first time, I was able to set real goals and make business plans. Thank you, PPA Business Consulting, for helping me to see the studio I want to be and for giving me the tools to achieve it!"

Molly PurvinesMolly Purvines - Purvines Photography

"I'd increased my sales and business was improving, but I didn't know where to go from there. After working with PPA's Business Consulting group, I have learned to accurately forecast business flow, manage costs, and more effectively interact with clients. Now that I have confidence in my business management skills, I have the freedom to grow artistically and be a more relaxed person."

Graham WilsonGraham Wilson - Vision Photography

"With the help and support of PPA Business Consulting, I began to realize where I needed improvements in my studio accounting. This clarity became my POWER. My studio has grown at a tremendous pace, and PPA Business Consulting has been right alongside of us. The support I receive from the staff and my mentor has been nothing short of amazing. The PPA Business Consulting team has definitely become an integral part of my studio."


Julia WoodsJulia Woods - Portrait Life

"We joined PPA Business Consulting in 2002. Our business had already greatly improved due to the business education that we had been getting through PPA; however, PPA Business Consulting has kept the momentum going. They have become a lot like a big brother to me. I know they are always watching out for our business and giving me wonderful information when we hit uncharted territories. In the midst of the chaos of taking care of clients, it can be easy to forget about the numbers. But PPA Business Consulting helps me to stay accountable. They are a huge part of our continued success."


Carrie & Phillip VohlCarrie & Phillip Viohl - Studio Viohl

"After 5 years as business owners, PPA Business Consulting helped us to finally take control of our business through education and accountability. We now have the tools necessary for a successful and profitable studio."

Chanel ParrottChanel M. Parrott - Your Reflection My Style Photography

"PPA Business Consulting has been an essential part of my business. If I hadn't started with them 4 years ago, I would no longer be in the photography business. Showing me where my numbers were and where they should be was a turning point in my career, I can not thank them enough for their help in making my business a success!"

Eric & Shawna AnundiEric & Shawna Anundi - Eric John Photography

"PPA Business Consulting has transformed our business and put us on the road to success!"


Rebecca and Michael ZoumberosRebecca and Michael Zoumberos - Limelight Photography

"We literally saw results in our bottom line overnight. This team of professionals has had a huge impact on our success, and they have helped us each step of the way as we continue to grow our business. I recommend every professional photographer operate their business only with the core principles taught in the PPA Business Consulting class soundly in place."


Corri & Kevin RobinsonCorri & Kevin Robinson - Corr Images, Inc.

"PPA Business Consulting gave us the opportunity to analyze our current financial situation and create a plan to reach our future goals. We were given quantitative standards to measure against while consulting one-on-one with industry experts (arguably the best, I might add). Corri and I feel blessed to have worked with such a dedicated and helpful group. 


Ryan & Carrie PhillipsRyan & Carrie Phillips - Ryan Phillips Photography

"Joining PPA Business Consulting has been one of the best things we have done for our business. SMS helped us go from a sole proprietorship to an S-Corporation. By analyzing our financial records more closely, we made changes, like removing certain products from our price list and raising prices for others. Our income more than doubled in one year and our business records are in perfect order."


Kimberly WylieKimberly Wylie - Kimberly Wylie Photography

"Each quarter, we are able to ask some of the most pressing questions that we are facing in our business and have a wealth of knowledge and contacts at our fingertips to help us get these questions resolved. PPA Business Consulting helped us get us where we are today, and is instrumental in creating the path to follow to get where we want to be in the future. We love PPA Business Consulting!"


Amber McAdooAmber McAdoo - McAdoo Photo Artistry

"PPA Business Consulting has, without a doubt, changed both the quality of my business and the quality of my life. With PPA Business Consulting I have learned how to make smarter business decisions that have resulted in fewer sessions but higher sales, translating into more time with my family. Thanks PPA, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!"


Jennifer BrumJennifer Brum - Photography by Jennifer Brum

"My accountant was amazed that I was able to achieve a 50% increase in net income while keeping my expenses and cost-of-sales down. He said that he had never seen a small business achieve such great strides in a small amount of time. He asked me for my "secret to success" and I told him about my participation in the PPA Business Consulting program and how much you guys helped me gain control of my business from a financial standpoint as well as Jen Roggi's guidance in helping me expand my reach and sales in my main market of weddings."


Meghan & Matt FeyerabendMeghan & Matt Feyerabend - Aus10 Photography

"I was surprised by how far off we really were from the Benchmark Survey recommendations. Now we know how to fix it … and that we really have to pay attention to that."



James and Meridith WaltersJames & Meridith Walters - Photography by Walters & Walters

"We thought we knew enough to manage to our business finances ourselves, but PPA Business Consulting showed us the power of really knowing our numbers and how that leads to increased profits. The PPA Business Consulting accountants and mentors truly understand photographers and their needs as a small business – we are a powerful team!"


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Photographers who've attended PPA's Business Workshops talk about the value of their experience:

Callie PageCallie Page - Callie Page Photography

"I attended the Business Breakthroughs workshop. After the class and the guidance I received from my one-on-one consultations, I am recording record monthly sales! I would have never guessed that I would be able to say I brought in over $18,000 in one month, but I did! AWESOME! We wouldn't have been able to progress this much without what we learned with PPA Business Consulting!"

Emily MulkeyEmily Mulkey - Emily Mulkey Photography

"Attending the Business Basics Workshop will be, by far, the best decision I make this year. The information and advice I received is essential for taking a photography business from the hobby level to the next level. The instructors are wonderful teachers—they have incredible passion for the industry and have truly walked the walk. I only wish I had attended this workshop 2 or 3 years ago, as it would have saved me many tiresome nights of frustration! Thank you so much, PPA Business Consulting!"


Allison and Matt RagsdaleAllison & Matt Ragsdale - Allison Ragsdale Photography

"We attended the Business Breakthroughs Workshop and were so impressed with the instructors and information! The information was so practical and relevant that we were able to put it into use immediately. In under a year, our studio went from breaking even to record profits that have changed our lives and allowed us to do things we had only dreamed of doing. We recommend PPA Business Consulting to every photographer, starting out or established. It will improve your business as well as your life."


Debbie RiggsDebbie Riggs - Pure-Photography

"The Business Breakthroughs Workshop was a huge help to our business—I can't say enough about how important it was. And it just made sense to attend a one-on-one consultation to make sure we were on the right track. I will be talking with my PPA accountant every year for her wise advice; and hopefully, I'll still be learning and changing and growing!"


Carrie WildesCarrie Wildes - Carrie Wildes Photography

"The Business Breakthroughs workshop totally rocked what I knew about the business aspect of photography. I walked away with so many practical concepts that are putting me on my way to not just doubling my sales and income in 2010, but always having more time to enjoy life. This workshop is a must for any photographer who wants to grow and have continued success year after year."


Terri MasonTeri Mason - Teri Mason Photography

"Taking the Business Breakthroughs class really opened my eyes to many aspects of my business that I had not previously focused on. Upon returning, we made major changes to our studio building plans, our pricing, and branding. I'm happy to report that as of November, our sales are up 50% from last year! Thanks, PPA Business Consulting!"


Gary CroffordGary Crofford - Cindy Crofford Photography

"I liked that this seminar consists of a small group-not a big lecture. It allows for more cross-pollination of ideas, questions, and interaction. Before I even came, the preparation we went through for the seminar was so helpful. It forced us to take a look at our business in a way we never had before. I would absolutely recommend this seminar to other photographers. I almost bet that most photographers are like my wife and that they never really analyze their business the way you learn to in the Business Breakthroughs workshop."


Deborah SussexDeborah Sussex - Deborah Sussex Photography

"This was a huge reality check for me. This workshop showed me very clearly how disconnected I was from my bottom line. The good news is that I can still do what I love – fine art photography."


Lisa ValleyLisa Valley - Jesse Valley Photography, Inc.

"I just wanted to say BIG thanks for everything at the Business Basics Workshop. It was awesome. We are stoked (and a little scared) to put into practice everything we learned. I think it is okay to have a little fear, because out of fear comes courage."


Karen LippowithsKaren Lippowiths - Urban Kids Photography

"The Business Breakthroughs Workshop was nothing short of amazing! Unlike many photographers, I actually love the business side of things, but I still needed "nuts and bolts" help to make sense of it all. I've attended many seminars before but none really took the time to look at me and my business. The workshop was all about me. I was amazed at the time they took with me and depth of knowledge they had about my business before even walking the door. Ann Monteith and Lori Nordstrom were fabulous! They brought two completely different perspectives but delivered a unified message. They were both warm, honest, direct, and encouraging. My dreams are reinvented and renewed. The program was flawless and everyone at the PPA terrific. I always counted on the PPA as a resource and now I consider it a 'home.'"


Virginia L.S. FreireVirginia L.S. Freire - Virginia L.S. Freire Photography

"The Business Basics Workshop was well worth every penny. I was amazed - and thrilled - that Ann Monteith covered so much and answered all of my questions in such a short time. The program was inspirational and energizing and armed me with the critical tools, perspective, and business savvy I needed to set my studio apart and start on the road to profitability immediately. Thank you PPA and Ann!"


Mark & Jeannie Broadway - Mark Broadway Photography

"We were so nervous about attending a business workshop last fall because our business side was not reflective of our work. After our first consult, we were so relieved to have spoken with experts who understood our business and really cared about helping us.

PPA Business Consulting taught us how to not only understand our numbers, but how to manage them and develop a plan for sales and workflow…and they are holding us accountable for it. We cannot stress enough how valuable the Business Breakthroughs Workshop has been in gaining control of our business, getting our life back and reaching our goals. We are looking forward to a long-term partnership."


Jamie Waldrep - Your Story Captured

"While my studio was steadily growing and increasing in sales and clients, I still felt as though I was in over my head. After my initial accounting consult, I knew I had made the right decision in choosing PPA Business Consulting. Just those few hours on the phone were worth the money I had spent, and I hadn't even made it to the workshop yet! I didn't know how to budget—I didn't know where to even begin. PPA Business Consulting showed me how to spend money, where to spend money and why. I learned to set up myself and my studio for success. My studio is on track for 2011, and I am excited about what the future holds. If you have one shadow of a doubt about enrolling in this workshop, don't. Just do it!"


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Members Talk About Their Experience with PPA Education, PPA Business Consulting, the Benchmark Survey & Degrees:


Megan Anderson - Graphique Fine Art Photography

"PPA's Benchmark Survey resources are incredible information, put in a format that my creative (not analytic) mind can truly comprehend. I was lucky enough to attend the Business Breakthroughs Workshop in August, which gave me truly usable information, and this is the icing on the cake. It is benefits like this that makes PPA so completely worth the dues."


Cindy Christante - Natural Impressions Photography

"I just don't know how to stress what a comforting and pleased feeling I have in knowing PPA is there to help, if we only reach out and take a serious hold onto what's being offered. I've always felt proud to be a member, loved attending Imaging in its own mind boggling fashion, but since our commitment to attend the Business Breakthroughs Workshop in Dallas almost 3 years ago, following through with what we've learned I've come to realize how truly lucky professional photographers are to have such a strong, empathetic organization it truly is! Thanks for all the time you commit to helping PPA remain strong, and a HUGE thanks for the individual time you've spent with us."


Amy Vining - Amy Vining Photography

"I want to thank you for helping me to make my business such a success in 2010. Thanks to all I've learned through online learning and PPA newsletters, Professional Photography Magazine, and ESPECIALLY through my PPA Business Consulting learning with Melissa Kriest and Allison Rogers Photography.   

Because of all of this, I found the guts to raise my prices, buy a projector, and learn how to sell my art more effectively. I've more than DOUBLED my billing over 2009, (from $45,000 to over $100,000)and moved into a bigger, nicer studio. Because of my hike in income, my husband was finally able to leave his miserable job and pursue his own creative business! Now, because of your recommendations I've purchased Successware and know that 2011 is going to be an even bigger year for me. Just having used it for only a few days, I've already learned things about my COGS that I didn't understand before, and am able to organize my clients and promotions into a way that I've never been able to before.

I'm so glad I found you and look forward to many years of being a PPA member! Thank you for everything you do to help us hacks become real businesspeople!"


Prem Mukherjee - Arising Images, Inc.

"The concepts I've learned from PPA Business Consulting have made a huge impact on both my business and, ultimately, my family."

"One important thing I learned from PPA Business Consulting was how to decide my family's priorities and analyze the numbers for a plan of action. I'm now able to use my business as a tool to achieve personal goals!"


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