M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
About the Class

Michael Timmons is the resident expert on all things competition. Whether it’s the judging, the submission or even the reasons why to compete, Michael knows all.

In this class, Michael continues his discussion on the 12 Elements of a Merit Print. With the thousands and thousands of images that judges see annually, the 12 elements create a judging standard that is consistent throughout all competitions. Once you understand the standard, you can better create a competition-winning print.

Begin with a high-level introduction of all elements and how they create an objective measure by which to judge entries. Then, sit back and soak it in as Michael walks you through Elements 4-8.

  • Print Presentation: Learn how less is more and how a simple but elegant presentation can make the difference. Examine how everything from key line to borders should enhance the image. Discuss the do’s and the don’ts and what you should completely avoid.
  • Center of Interest: Michael defines this element, explaining its purpose, and explores how there can be both primary and secondary centers. Understand the importance of drawing in your viewer through the center of interest and how it makes a print merit-worthy.
  • Lighting: This is every photographer’s best and most creative tool, but can also be the Achilles’ heel if used incorrectly. Discuss how to use your lighting to enhance, define, to create interest and three dimensionality, to really make your image what it is.
  • Subject Matter: Michael discusses why a title is critical, and how the subject matter should convey a point or tell a story. Learn what is appropriate and why judges might score low or high.

Now two-thirds of the way through, Michael continues to demystify the merit process.

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