M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
About the Class

So you’ve created the perfect image; you’ve incorporated each of the 12 elements of a merit print. Now what? Never fear, PPA instructor and competition guru, Michael Timmons, is here to take you through the next step: image preparation for competition. Listen as he discusses print and border specifications, uploading digital files, and the specifications for each category. So, get prepared to do some preparation!

  • Borders: Image borders are big time in competition, not just an afterthought in the 11th hour. Michael walks you through how to create the proper border, walking you through each palette, even giving you the proper dimensions and measurements!
  • Uploading the Image: In competition, the digital and print photos must match, so Michael takes you step-by-step through the uploading process so that everything comes out perfectly.
  • Master Artist Category: Each category has unique specifications, and the image layout for the Master Artist category should be different. Michael shares how to work with your canvas, dimensions you need to know, and even how to show your before and after work so the judges understand your time and effort.
  • Physical Prints: Finally, learn the finishing touches you should make on your print, the range of specs and dimensions you can use, and the importance of a border over a full bleed when in competition.

Too many photographers have done all the work, but not taken the final steps of preparation for photographic competition. This class is the perfect way to ensure you don’t make the same mistake!

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