M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
About the Class

Competition not only keeps the creative juices flowing; it sets a standard of excellence, it enhances your reputation, and it keeps you in the forefront of your industry. In this class, Michael Timmons shares his tricks of the trade for creating an image for photographic competition.

First discuss how to pre-visualize an image, and make the right preparations to capture that vision. Michael shares how to ensure you have the equipment, the lighting, the exposure and composition essential for a great shoot.

Then, explore the concept of subject matter, what works best, and how to ensure the story you are telling comes through in your image. Discuss how to best portray children, men and women, how to pose properly and overall, how to make sure that your images come across as real.

Capitalize on Michaels’ experience as he shares the style you want to use in a competition print. Discuss the 12 Elements of a Competition Print; examine how to best present your image and the print media that will work best. Learn how to use the rule of thirds and why smiles look best on your clients and not in competition.

Competition photography isn’t your standard portrait session. It takes knowledge, practice and experience. Take what Michael teaches and you can take your photography to the competition level. Get started today!

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