Understanding the Benchmark Survey

Scott Kurkian Chief Financial Officer, PPA

Webinar: Why are some studios so much more profitable than others? How much of every dollar your studio brings in should you be spending to grow your business, and how much should you expect to keep as bottom-line profit?

PPA’s 2011 Financial Benchmark Survey gives you a way to measure success and get those answers. It provides a snapshot of the financial performance of both retail and home-based photography businesses, offers insight into what top-performing studios are achieving, and exposes some serious issues that every photographer needs to consider as they contemplate long-term strategies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from industry financial guide Scott Kurkian who will highlight the findings…and offer his insights into what they tell us about the challenges and opportunities for photography business owners today.

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Scott Kurkian Bio

Scott Kurkian, CAE, has been the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Professional Photographers of America for the past 23 years and has contributed towards PPA's financial success, leading to the development of many new benefits and programs for its members. Scott has also worked in a consulting role with many photography businesses to help them understand the financial aspects of managing a small business and how to use financial analysis to improve profitability.