M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP, API
About the Class

In this very detailed class, PPA instructors Eddie Tapp and Angela Kurkian discuss the concept of color management, how you can understand it and better yet, how you can master it!

From film to digital, color management has changed. But, even with all the technology available, you’ll first discuss how to get it right in camera. Then listen as Eddie examines the 5 areas of calibration—cameras, scanners, monitors, projectors, and printers—and what you need to do in each area to achieve the best images.

You’ll want to keep taking notes as Eddie then covers:

  • Fundamentals of color management.
  • Preference setups, color space homes and concepts like converting and assigning color spaces.
  • Calibration, printing and equipment.
  • RGB choices out there and what to use when.
  • White balance, latitude and the differences from film to today’s technology.

The class is detailed, info-packed and an invaluable way to enhance your technique and knowledge!

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