CPA, Manager, PPA Business Consultant
Chief Financial Officer, PPA
About the Class

Want to avoid some of the most common financial mistakes made by professional photographers and studios? Of course you do! After all, knowledge is power.

In this video class, Scott Kurkian, the CFO for PPA, and Bridget Jackson, CPA, discuss mistakes that can sink your business…and how to transform them into a plan for financial success.

Do you have a budget? Do you understand cost of sales? Is your pricing structure in line with the quality of your services? Are your labor costs too high? Do you rely too heavily on direct mail? Is your head swimming just thinking about these questions!?

After this class, you’ll walk away with a calmer, more business-like approach and knowledge in these areas:

  1. How to profitably price your products, understanding cost of sales.
  2. The need for a financial plan to stay on track, manage taxes and reach business goals.
  3. The importance of a sales process, from scripts to client interaction and customer service.
  4. What it takes to build up a real brand 
  5. When to employ and when to outsource…and what to pay.
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