About the Class

In work, as in life, some things you do on your own; others, you do with a partner. Running a successful photography business is no different. If you stay in this industry long enough, sooner or later, you’ll reach the decision point: to partner or not to partner.

In this course, PPA Instructor Jen Hillenga walks you through the why’s and how’s of handling this decision. She’ll discuss:

  1. Why you should have a partner: Do you have different areas of expertise? Does your combined knowledge make a better product offering? Is there a good bond between you and a potential partner, and will you have distinct, defined roles?
  2. How to work with a partner: Jen examines how to define roles and responsibilities, who handles left brain and right brain responsibilities.
  3. In-house responsibilities and outsourcing: Partnership does not necessarily mean each of you are now good at everything! Learn how to know your limits and your value.

Of course, nothing works without good communication, so Jen details the best way keep your finger on the pulse of your business and your employees.

Partnership is a big decision, and with Jen’s knowledge, you’ll be prepared to make the right one!

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