M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
About the Class

Michael Timmons is the resident expert on all things competition. Whether it’s the judging, the submission or even the reasons why to compete, Michael knows all.

In this class – the third of a three-part series -- Michael completes his discussion on the 12 Elements of a Merit Print. With the thousands and thousands of images that judges see annually, the 12 elements create a judging standard that is consistent throughout all competitions. Once you understand the standard, you can better create a competition-winning print.

In part 3, Michael takes you through the final four elements of a merit print.

  • Color Balance: Discuss how color can lend harmony to the image, and the effects balance, or imbalance, can have. Learn the pitfalls of oversaturation and how you can use color to enhance your image.
  • Technical Excellence: Competition is your chance to let your technical excellence shine! Michael discusses areas like print quality, mounting, sharpness, exposure and more. Learn what’s important to a judge and the flaws that are easily noticed.
  • Technique: Your technique is your approach to the picture, and should be unique to your style and image. Discover how judges weigh facets like printing, lighting, posing and film/ISO selection.
  • Storytelling: Your image is there to tell a story, and you want to evoke imagination and possibility or even the viewer’s own personal message that they glean from your work. Delve into the ways you can do this, and the importance it carries in the judging process.

If you’re serious about taking your work to the next level, then mastering the 12 elements is key, and Michael gives you the knowledge right here. Not only will you know and understand these aspects of a merit print, you will have the ability and confidence to incorporate them into your own work.

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