The Truth About What Your Consumers Think 

Scott Kurkian Chief Financial Officer, PPA & Jeff Dachowski M.Photog.Cr., CPP

How much do you know about professional photography consumers?  How much do they want to spend? Where do they find…and how to do they choose… a professional photographer? What are the different client expectations of each generation? How is consumer behavior different for the purchase of wedding, senior, and family photography? What are the most popular products to purchase for each specialty? What is the most important thing that consumers look for when hiring any specialty?

Come find answers to these questions and more as we dive into the results of PPA’s first consumer survey. Let’s narrow the GAP between you and your potential clients by increasing your understanding of how consumers think, act and buy when it comes to professional photography. Find out what these survey results mean for your business and how to make the changes that will increase your success!

Scott Kurkian Bio

Scott Kurkian, CAE, has been the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Professional Photographers of America for the past 23 years and has contributed towards PPA's financial success, leading to the development of many new benefits and programs for its members. Scott has also worked in a consulting role with many photography businesses to help them understand the financial aspects of managing a small business and how to use financial analysis to improve profitability.

Jeff Dachowski Bio

In high school, Jeff quickly fell in love with photography. After pursuing every class related to photography, he attended the Hallmark Institute of Photography. He has been photographing weddings all over New England, the Caribbean and the inter-mountain west since 1992. And in 2003, Jeff and his wife, Carolle, opened their studio in Manchester and have seen meteoric growth since opening. They have a loyal following of children and family clients, a buzz in the wedding industry, and a growing number of commercial portrait clients. 

Jeff is a busy man, and his work has been featured in Seacoast Bride, a New Hampshire Bride, Woman Engineer, Woman’s World and Rolling Stone. He has nine images in the PPA Loan Collection, nine Kodak Gallery awards, two Fuji Masterpiece awards, 13 Court of Honors, and an ASP Regional Medallion. Jeff is also active in PPA’s Studio Management Services and contributes monthly to Professional Photographer magazine (his prosperous studio was featured in the July 2008 issue, too). In addition, he is a PPA Approved Juror, a Certification Judge for the Professional Photographic Certification Committee and a Vatican Approved Photographer. Jeff is a Certified Professional Photographer and has attained his Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from PPA. He is a past president for the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association (NHPPA).