About the Class

Wondering what to buy, what NOT to buy, and what to look out for? This is the webinar for you! Join Manie Kohn to help demystify and declutter the confusing landscape of drone equipment as Manie shares his own personal, valuable insights, and actionable, competitive advantages you can immediately use to build (or expand) your business in YOUR local area. 

Topics included but not limited to: 
Which drone should I buy? 
How much should I budget to spend? 
What accessories should I buy (and NOT buy)? 
Best drones to travel with? 
Does my mobile device matter? 
What's up with NO-FLY ZONES? 
What are the advantages to registering my drone? 
Be aware of FAA Guidelines (how to avoid fines) 
Part 107 Certification educational resources, recommendations. 
Where should I NOT purchase my drone from? 
Community Resources 

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