About the Class

In the final course of this three-part series, Richard Sturdevant tells you how to bring it all together. Some things you’ll cover include:

  • In the home stretch – how to check your image, give it the polishing touches, and still keep your files and yourself organized.
  • Attention to details – learn to use more layers to detract from shadow areas, use highlights and warmth to bring more to your subject.
  • Create that inner glow – no, we’re not talking about your complexion! Learn how to use layers to blend and enhance lighting, add atmosphere and create some amazing effects.
  • When you're done, now what? Richard gives you the steps you can take on the finished image to make it all complete.

Creating an illustrative composite is no small feat. But with this confidence and creativity you’ll gain from this series, you’ll have the skills and knowledge that most can’t match.

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