About the Class

The art of an illustrative composite isn’t just throwing things together; it’s knowing how to take the right pieces and combine them into something better, something greater than the parts. In this course, PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant shares his expertise on making an illustrative composite, even including tips for competition pieces.

Listen as Richard walks you through the collection aspect, finding the right pieces that work well together. Learn what elements work well, where to find them, and most importantly, how to put them together so they work.

Discuss the tools at your fingertips that are critical to composite creation. Learn about the Magic Wand tool, refining edges, layering and managing the output to enhance your composite.

And, if you’re interested in competitions, Richard shares tips on this too! Lighting and difficulty are just two aspects that judges consider. Listen to Richard’s expertise and discover how to dazzle them!

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