The Internet is Mine - Business and Algorithms

Dani Gagnon

In this PPAedu Live, Dani Gagnon explains how algorithms impact us all in today's digital realm, and what that can mean for your photography business's marketing strategies. From online shopping to communicating with friends to marketing on social media, most of what we see online is organized by algorithms. This shift has resulted in most content getting lost in the endless feeds of information. 'Trending news' may not actually be trending. ‘Viral videos’ may not be organically viral. How do you adjust your social media feeds and marketing strategies to connect with audiences in this algorithmic era?

Dani Gagnon Bio

Dani Gagnon is a digital media professor, and a millennial in a primarily boomer saturated business world, who helps organizations drive business through their online presence and digital marketing. She's chock full of insights on internet-based algorithms and how you can leverage them to better connect with target audiences.