Cr.Photog., CPP
About the Class

If you think creativity is born, not made, think again! The creative process is just that, a process, and it takes time and effort. In this course, PPA Instructors Allison and Jeff Rodgers walk you through ways to get your imagination, inspiration and ingenuity flowing!

So, when the studio seems stale and you need something new, what should you do? Allison and Jeff will discuss how to:

  • Step outside yourself: Change locations, step away, think of how your new surroundings can be adapted for your personal use and photography needs.
  • Brainstorm, problem-solve and document it all: Approach creativity like a science experiment! Discover the value of your ideas, even the bad ones and the silly ones, and learn to peel back the onion until you get to the good stuff.
  • Surround yourself with source materials: Books, magazines, layouts, designs—all of these can serve as a springboard for your next masterpiece or brilliant product offering.

The Rodgers also walk you through the value of collaboration. You’ll learn about networking events where you can talk with colleagues and others doing what you’re doing.

Best of all, as concepts materialize, Allison and Jeff guide you on what to do with them—knowing who you are, what you want and having a strategy to get there will help you capitalize on the best ideas.

Learn how to hone your creative process, and you’ll never be afraid of a blank slate again!

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