About the Class

In this class, PPA instructor and lighting guru Drake Busath gets back to basics with reflectors! Reflectors are a key to great lighting and a photographer’s best friend – but only if you know what you doing. This course gives you all the fundamentals you need to know about using these great tools!

First Drake walks you through using a reflector – how and where to position it and the effects you’ll get.

Next, you’ll learn about the various sizes available – why choose a small versus a large reflector? What do you want to use when shooting a group shot? How about an individual portrait?

Drake then gets colorful as he discusses the various finishes that are available and what they do. Silver, white, gold and diffused – find out their benefits and their effects, why you should use what you do and how they can make your photos pop!

Finally, Drake walks you through the styles available as well as some inexpensive options. You’ll even learn how you can make your own 6 ft. x 8 ft. reflector!

If you haven’t had a course on reflectors or if you just need a refresher, this class is for you. Learn about these invaluable tools right at your fingertips!

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