M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

As a photographer, your littlest clients can be the most challenging. When photographing newborns, time is of the essence, as is comfort, safety and parent satisfaction! In this class, PPA instructor Julia Kelleher, teaches you posing techniques and tips for a smooth shoot and an end result that everyone will love.

Listen as Julia covers posing basics like positioning the parents to show their loving relationship; using lighting to create softness and innocence; making Mom feel comfortable, trim and happy to be in the photo.

Moving onto safety, Julia discusses how to put parents at ease so they are safe and secure when holding the baby, the importance of having three points of contact and how the composite can fix it all! Don’t worry about the risky pose when you’ve got Photoshop to help you save the day!

Julia then walks through all the various poses you’ll want to use with the parents, how to incorporate siblings, the props to use and how constant communication and reassurance throughout the shoot makes it better for everyone.

In this very real, on-target course, Julia gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to be the Baby Whisperer AND deliver incredible images!

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