About the Class

(Available through July 1st, 2021) As family photographers there are so many factors we can’t control when we walk into a session, yet there is ONE thing that we can bring to every session that will relax the stiffest dad, calm the most stressed out mom and tame the most insane toddler…FUN!  Looking for a recipe for family session fun?   Join Shalonda Chaddock, because she is sharing her recipe with you! Her family sessions are jam packed with a series of games and prompts that she has developed over the years to encourage contagious smiles, constant connection and deep belly laughs! Shalonda believes that everybody should have fun at family sessions including YOU, and games are the key because they give you control of the session yet provide simple ways to easily showcase the family’s connection and love!  Join Shalonda, as she breaks down her own games and give you the ingredients to create lasting ART for your clients while simply having fun at every session!

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