M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

Everyone’s been the victim of a customer service nightmare, a situation where the client experience was anything but satisfying. In this class, PPA Instructor Julia Kelleher teaches how to avoid these issues before they even happen.

People don’t get ticked-off about the expected; it’s the surprises that throw them off. For that reason, Julia walks you through the studio policies you should have and how prior knowledge and explanation of these will prevent 99% of client situations from escalating.

You’ll examine:

  • Studio policies -- how to explain them and educate the client in the pre-consultation; how to manage the process when it’s done online and how to get that all-important client signature when you’re done.
  • Sales Room policies – how to consistently create the optimal projection experience; the importance of making decisions in that moment and additional fees for carryover appointments; who should (and should not) be present in the sales room.
  • Pricing policies – Julia teaches you how to factor in your time, value as well as tangibles such as cost of goods so that you’re consistent and clear, every time.

In addition, Julia shares guidelines for online galleries and other general policies that protect you and your business. When you’re upfront, honest and clear, clients will want to work with you.

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