Studio Organization: Creating a Professional, Inviting Environment for Home and Retail Studios

Carrie Wildes CPP

You own a photography business. But does your studio have the professional atmosphere you need—whether it’s a room in your home or a separate retail space? The environment you create for your business plays quite a large role in both how customers perceive it and how you can successfully manage it. So, come learn how to create the perfect, professional atmosphere for you!

Carrie Wildes will share the essentials for creating just such an atmosphere, including how to organize a workspace to be both functional and aesthetically appealing. With her, you’ll learn important details for both home and retail studios, such as how to designate a studio space in the home and how to choose the right retail space. You’ll also learn about creating rational layouts for your workspaces (office, sales room, consultation room, camera room) while incorporating your creativity into design elements and showcasing examples of your work. Then, see how you can even extend your studio’s characteristics to your website to create a harmonious presence!

It’s everything you need to make your studio space more inviting, appealing…and effective.

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Carrie Wildes Bio

Carrie Wildes owns Carrie Wildes Photography (based in Tampa, Florida) and operates out of a custom home studio and second location in a shared commercial space. Their team includes six photographers, a studio manager, and graphic designer. You can find Carrie dodging traffic, leaning off ledges, and sometimes even braving the snow to get the money shot.  But this all didn’t start until she realized the gift she had while on a mission trip to the Philippines…where she fell in love with photography.  In 2007, she and her husband, David, left the frozen tundra of Chicago to start a new and warmer life in Tampa, Florida.  Carrie then decided to get off the corporate ladder and build one her own. She graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, is a scuba diver, doesn’t eat beef, and is a social media diva.