CPA, Manager, PPA Business Consultant
About the Class

So you want to own a studio? Then look no further: This class is for you! Instructor Bridget Jackson, CPA, walks you through everything you need to know in a thorough, informative session. 

Now, starting a business includes a little soul-searching and self-reflection. What are you about and why do you want to do this? Bridget will lead you through what you need to figure out about what you want…and into the business nitty-gritty, including:

  • How to create a business plan (from identifying your ideal client to figuring out what you want to sell and at what price).
  • What numbers do you need to realize—what’s your break-even point?
  • When and why you should actually start your business (do you have what you need, from equipment to marketing calendar and sales plan?). Timing can make or break a business!
  • What kind of business you want—home-based or retail location—and important considerations to ponder.
  • What kinds of legal and financial information you can’t ignore (oh, those ever-exciting tax laws!).

Bridget discusses all this and so, so much more. (Just a little hint: At the end of the video there’s a list of 10 steps you won’t want to forget!) Seriously, if you want to start out smart, this video is a must-have.

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