About the Class

With sports photography, what happens after the shoot can be just as critical as the images you take. In this detailed, informative class, PPA Instructor Jeff Gump shares the workflow secrets that are sure to score points, each and every time!

Discuss the key players in the workflow process – everyone from the photographer and printer to the person handling the packaging and shipping. Dive into the details, such as team and league names, dates, names and numbers, divisions and leagues and much, much more.

But it’s also about what you do with the photos, so Jeff walks you through the steps you take in the lab. Explore everything from delivering and uploading the photo cards to color correction and Photoshopping. Leaving no stone unturned, you’ll also discuss the all-important relationships with both your customer and your photo lab.

Workflow isn’t something you ever leave to chance – especially in the world of sports photography. Discover how you can make it a smooth, seamless part of your business – Jeff tells you how!

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