About the Class

The third webinar in the "Soft Selling with Intense Results" series, Your Arsenal of Answers & Increases, will walk you through the specific phrases Kristin and Paul use to encourage upgrades, wall collections, add-ons and big investments. Learn how to prepare your brides from the very beginning to upgrade after the wedding. Hear the language you can use to guide your portrait clients toward wall collections and future sessions. She'll also share how they handle the common objections that every photographer gets. Can I buy the files? I don't know if I want an album. Can't I just post them on Facebook? Learn how to respond and even get your prospects excited that you are different!

Kristin, a former sales representative for a national printing company, shares how she and her husband Paul have more than quadrupled their income within the last five years. As wedding and portrait photographers, they've created a simple system of soft selling techniques that has proven to generate significant results. 

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